Alan Edwardes


I'm a software engineer at Autodesk, and I love to develop games in my spare time.

You can contact me at alan (at) alanedwardes (dot) com, or on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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Estranged Act II

It's an adventure game about a fisherman. He gets stranded on an island during a violent storm, and the game follows him as he tries to get off the island.

I'm the creator of the project, and I do most of the level design, programming and gameplay scripting. You can watch my dev blog series here.*

*You can also download an alpha version from the website:

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Estranged Act I

Act I is the first game in the Estranged series. I started developing it mid-2011 as a Half-Life: 2 mod. I published it on ModDB, and people liked it – so I carried on developing it.

early estranged (or "splooshe") screenshots

After releasing several alpha versions and attracting several people to work on the project, I released it on Steam in January 2014 as a standalone Source Engine game for Windows, Mac and Linux.*

*At the time of release it was translated into 26 languages, including Francés, Русский, 简体中文, 日本語, Español, Portugués and 한국의 with thanks to the amazing Steam Translation community.

Act I has been downloaded by over 200,000 people since its release, and Steam users that have played it have left overwhelmingly positive feedback on the store page.

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