Scam Warning

, updated 9 June 2023 🔖 game-development ⏲️ 2 minutes to read

There are one or more users impersonating me on Discord and other platforms in order to scam people.

If your Steam account has been stolen:

  1. Contact Steam Support directly at
  2. If the scammer contacted you via Discord, report the account to Discord Trust and Safety

Here are some simple tips to help identify scammers:

  • I will not communicate with you via Direct Messages on any platform
  • I am alanedwardes (previously Alan Edwardes#3608) on Discord, and only communicate via and the Steam forums for the Estranged games
  • If you are added by a Discord profile with my name, it is an impersonator, and the account should be reported to Discord Trust and Safety via
  • If you are added by a Steam profile with my name, it is an impersonator, and the account should be reported to Steam Support via
  • I do not work for Valve (Steam), and will never ask for account passwords, or money (I will not send a direct message to you in the first place)
  • See the contact page for a list of my official accounts.

I also posted similar messages to the Estranged: The Departure Steam Community, Estranged Discord and Twitter.

Here's a message from Liam Jones, a character from the Estranged series trying to explain what's going on:

  1. Steam Support Phishing Thread
  2. Fake Steam Support Certificate
  3. Fake Discord Profiles
  4. Conversations with the Scammer

Steam Support Phishing Thread

Here's a seemingly popular Steam Support phishing attack, used to trick Steam users into contacting my imposter via Discord (I have seen two of these with the same fake support ID HT-53YD-XVQ4-7JMP):

Fake Steam Support Certificate

This is an interesting one, a "certificate" of authenticity, signed by Gabe Newell and myself, certifying the scammer's Discord profile to speak on behalf of Valve:

Fake Discord Profiles

This is a scam Discord profile Alan Edwardes[Official]#2689, trying to make it look as if I am associated with Valve/Steam:

And another, Alan Edwardes[Official]#5332, with a bit less effort put in:

Conversations with the Scammer

An example of a Discord conversation reported to me via Twitter, where the scammer tries to obtain a 2FA code from a Steam user (tormenting scammers is good fun, but don't waste the effort - better to report them and move on with your life):

Another weird example conversation, "Are you still with me Steam user?" - and there's that "certificate" again:

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