WordPress 2.7

Published on the 11th of December 2008

WordPress 2.7 is a milestone for anyone who uses it as their blogging platform. Awesome new features such as one click upgrades of plugins and the core and a complete UI redesign make this release one of the most important versions so far.

Two dot seven brings some awesome new features above everything, but the more noticeable change in 2.7 is the brand new layout and UI of the admin panel. This is something that has been planned for ages, but still something that marks a massive change to the way WordPress is seen.

The web is not meant to be static, and I think this is reflected by the rapid development of WordPress builds. Just two versions behind 2.7, WordPress 2.5 brought a monumental professional redesign, which was mostly well received by the blogging community.

I have to say, the new design for the WP dashboard is functional rather than prettyful - it's not the nicest design in the world. But, it is much faster to do post stuff, and the actual post UI itself actually uses most of the available window space, instead of having a fixed width at the left of the screen.

Apart from the obvious, it seems like a good upgrade to the already brilliant blogging platform. I am avidly watching this space for more awesome features in future releases.

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